Ranked 49th out of 16,783 in The Sunday Times Parent Power league tables of the best primary schools in England. The ranking is based upon average scores in English, grammar and maths.


Senior Leadership Team
Mrs A. Steels

Executive Headteacher

Mrs C. Coles

Head of School

Mrs C. Hogston

Deputy Head

Mr M. Cooper

Assistant Head

Inclusion Team

Therapy Dog

Ms H. Sheehan


Ms C. Coles

Child Protection

Ms H. Johnston

Specialist Teacher - The Sky View Suite

Ms L. Pinkney

Specialist Teacher – The Sky View Suite

Ms J. Kelford

Specialist Teacher – The Sky View Suite

Ms L. Roberts

SEND Admin Support – The Sky View Suite

Topaz (SRP)
Ms P. Charalambous

Teaching Assistant

Mrs N. Goodyear

Teacher in Charge

Mr S. Davies

Teaching Assistant

Ms R. Stainsby

Teaching Assistant

Ms L. Paul

Teaching Assistant

Ms E. Hunter

Teaching Assistant

Nursery Team
Mrs E. Booth

Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs A. Leung


Nursery Support Staff
Mrs A. Lewis
Mrs J. Hewitt
Mrs R. Dale
Mrs M. Grisby

Reception Team
Ms C. Davison

Year Group Leader - Foxes Class

Ms D. Khiytani

Teacher - Owls Class

Reception Support Staff
Ms C. Pango de Harries
Ms G. D' Anelli
Mrs R. Dale
Ms C. Stratten
Mrs L. Harris
Ms P. Sharp

Year 1 Team
Mrs J. Mann

Year Group Leader - Indigo Class

Mrs A. Conroy

Teacher - Blue Class

Miss J. Lavender

Teacher - Purple Class

Mr I. Davies

Teacher - Turquoise Class

Year 1 Support Staff
Mrs A. Hanrahan
Ms E. Tily
Ms S. Allnutt
Ms M Fragkouli
Year 2 Team
Ms A. Paish

Year Group Leader - Silver Class

Ms H. Luck

Teacher - Sapphire Class

Mr N. Cooper

Teacher - Ruby Class

Mrs S. Allmand

Teacher - Gold Class

Mrs H. Hammond

Teacher - Gold Class

Year 2 Support Staff
Ms M. Khawaja
Ms M. Davies

Year 3 Team
Mrs H. Williams

Year Group Leader - 3W Class

Ms E. Hardy

Teacher - 3H Class

Ms A. Salam

Teacher - 3S Class

Mr A. Warburton

Teacher 3R Class

Year 3 Support Staff
Mrs J. Joyce
Ms C. Ridden
Ms R. Buchan

Year 4 Team
Mr K. Maguire

Year Group Leader - 4M Class

Miss D. Cook

Teacher - 4C Class

Mrs C. Grima

Teacher - 4G Class

Miss J. Skawinska

Teacher - 4S Class

Year 4 Support Staff
Ms A. Phillips
Ms T. Robinson

Year 5 Team
Ms F. McKenzie
Mr C. Morris

Year Group Leader - 5M Class

Ms Z. Regan

Teacher - 5C Class

Ms C. Ng

Teacher - 5N Class

Ms V. Trigg

Teacher - 5T Class

Year 5 Support Staff
Ms H. Johnston
Ms D. Pecuch

Year 6 Team
Mr M. Cooper

Year Group Leader - 6C Class

Ms R. Board

Teacher - 6B Class

Ms H. Haffejee

Teacher - 6H Class

Mr J. Lamb

Teacher - 6L Class

Ms J. Ko


Teaching Assistants
Ms C. Songui
Ms R. Williams
Ms C. Aberdein