Ranked 49th out of 16,783 in The Sunday Times Parent Power league tables of the best primary schools in England. The ranking is based upon average scores in English, grammar and maths.


We aim to provide Latchmere children with a thorough understanding of the world around them and how it works through creative and stimulating themes. The science curriculum is taught in a variety of ways, with the emphasis on first-hand experiences where the children can actively participate in their own learning. We teach the children to observe, predict, record and interpret, and then encourage them to use these skills to hypothesise upon and test new concepts or ideas. Through their own investigations, children gather together important scientific knowledge and skills which they can use to make sense of the world in which they live and to help conserve it for the future.

We explore the different aspects of biology, chemistry and physics. In biology, the children learn about animals and their habitats, plants and even evolution in Year 6. Chemistry focuses on solids, liquids and gases and the properties of materials. Forces, light and electricity provide the beginnings of the children’s experiences of physics.

Our curriculum balances knowledge and enquiry skills and provides the foundation of understanding the children need in order to be successful in the sciences at secondary school.