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We hope that you had a lovely Easter break. Welcome to the summer term where we look forward to continuing our partnership with you to make the children’s nursery experience a happy, exciting and memorable one. Getting ready for the transition to the next stage of their school life will form an important part of our curriculum, through supporting their growing independence and their enjoyment of new experiences.

Talking and Reading together

This term, we continue to create exciting story-based opportunities to promote a love of stories and to make them irresistible to children.   We have carefully chosen the stories and information books that your child will become familiar with.  We focus on reading our ‘inside out’ stories several times in different ways, using expression in our voices and faces to give meaning to the words.  We plan for the children to learn a selection of ‘wonderful words’ from these books and to eventually use them in their talk. Different playful story telling approaches will also be used to make learning enjoyable such as writing messages to Jack to help him make friends with the giant. 


‘Inside out’ books – Summer 1 – The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Summer 2 – We’re Going On A Bear Hunt


This is a selection of stories that we will explore this term:

We will continue to learn new songs and rhymes and to play Phase 1 phonic games to support children’s early phonic skills.


This term we will continue to focus on recognising the numerals 1 to 5 and match them to the correct number of toys, gradually extending this to numbers to 10.  We will play subitising games and will look at different ways of making numbers up to 5.  We will also explore shape, size, pattern and weight. 

Curriculum Highlights

This half term, we will be learning about ‘What’s in the garden?’  We will be finding out about minibeasts and growing plants, including learning about their life-cycles.


One of our most exciting experiences will be receiving our caterpillars and observing them as they grow over the next few weeks.  Will they be butterflies or moths?  We will be thinking about the similarities and differences between the creatures and plants that live in the garden.


In Summer 2, our topic is ‘Going on an Adventure’, starting with ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’.  We will explore different stories linked to our adventures and we will be planning for our transition to the Reception year.  Careful planning will prepare the children for a smooth transition to the next stage of their learning in school, while continuing to enjoy their Rainbow nursery experience.


You can find more information about the summer term learning by looking at the overviews and programmes of study.

Please do not hesitate to ask your child’s key person or any member of the nursery team if you need any further information.  We are keen to keep parents well informed and look forward to working with you this term.

Thank you in advance for all of your support in the year ahead,

Best wishes from Mrs Booth, Ms Leung and the nursery team

Key dates

Thursday 18th April– Our caterpillars arrive!


Friday 19th April – Class Photo day


Mon 6th May – Bank Holiday


Wednesday 22nd May – Afternoon nursery assembly


Thursday 23rd May – Morning nursery assembly


Monday 17th June–  Friday 21st June – Latchmere Goes Global week


Wednesday 19th June – Nursery Sports Day


Thursday 4th July – Class swap day – Nursery is closed on this day in order for new children to attend their ‘stay and play’ visit.

Updates and reminders


As you may be aware, we closely monitor the attendance of pupils at our school as there is clear evidence which shows the correlation between attainment and attendance and pupil well-being.

We believe working with families is very important, therefore when a child’s attendance falls below 94% we intervene quickly to work with parents to identify any barriers to regular school attendance and identify how we can support further.  


Naming belongings

Please remember to name your child’s clothes, bookbags, snack and water bottles. 


Seesaw learning platform

We hope you enjoyed sharing your child’s learning through ‘Seesaw’ last term and we look forward to sharing more exciting experiences with you this term.  If you have not yet logged on, please do have a look at what happens in Rainbow nursery in the coming weeks.


‘Happy Home Books’

We enjoy hearing about your child’s experiences and achievements outside of nursery.  Remember to send in your child’s ‘Happy Home Book’ for us to share with them and their friends.



Please remember to send in fruit and vegetables only or a plain biscuit if your child does not eat fruit.  These are the only snack foods we have in nursery in order to keep children with allergies safe.