A community school in Kingston-Upon-Thames

This large school is a scaled up version that works, thanks to a head who expects non-stop excellence, staff who buy into the challenge and pupils who benefit from a constant quest to do everything that bit better every time. Good Schools’ Guide

“An excellent range of visits and visitors bring the curriculum to life and significantly extend pupils’ learning experiences” Ofsted


  • Blue & Indigo Trip 06.05.15
  • Cuddle Me Do Farm visiting Nursery all day 07.05.15
  • Green & Turquoise Trip 08.05.15
  • 5M & 5T Trip 11.05.15
  • 5D & 5C Trip 13.05.15
  • 6R Trip 18.05.15
  • 6C Trip 19.05.15
  • Foxes and Squirrels Trip 19.05.15

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Grey Court School Primary Maths Challenge

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 18.33.27

In March we went to Grey Court School to compete in the Primary Maths Challenge against Year 5 children from…

Science in Year 1

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 08.43.36

As part of our science topic, we investigated the skeletons of fish and learnt that different fish have different skeletons….

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