Parent Feedback

Parents’ opinions are very important to us here at Latchmere. We believe in a three way partnership between parents, children and the school.  Our school can only improve with constant support from parents so we make sure that we provide plentiful opportunities for parents to play a significant role in school life and to provide their opinions.  Our latest parent survey results can be found below:

Questions for Latest Parental Survey

Question Agree disagree No comment
My child is happy in school 99% 1% 0
My child feels safe at school 99% 1% 0
My child makes good progress at school 97% 2% 1%
My child is well looked after in school 98% 2% 0
My child is taught well at school 98% 1% 1%
My child receives appropriate homework 96% 3% 1%
Latchmere School makes sure its pupils are well behaved 99% 1% 0
Latchmere School deals effectively with bullying 97% 2% 1%
Latchmere School is well led and managed 99% 1% 0
Latchmere School responds well to any concerns I raise 98% 1% 1%
I receive valuable information about my child’s progress 98% 1% 1%
Would you recommend Latchmere School to another parent 99% 1% 0

April 2018

Pupil Survey

Here are the results of our recent pupil survey:


Question Agree Disagree
I enjoy learning at school 94% 6%
My lessons are interesting and fun 95% 5%
Lessons encourage me to think 94% 6%
Adults in school encourage me to do the best I can 95% 5%
I am confident to seek help from adults during lessons 92% 8%
I work hard in lessons 97% 3%
Staff listen to me and pay attention to what I say 95% 5%
In school I am treated fairly and with respect 93% 7%
I feel safe and cared for in school 94% 6%
I know how to keep myself safe online 94% 6%
I have adults in school I can talk to if I am upset or worried 95% 5%
Staff encourage me to behave 98% 2%
I enjoy playtimes 90% 10%