Online Safety

At Latchmere, we are committed to educating our young people to be safe internet users and to supporting parents with this very important skill at home. The best way to protect children online is to understand the internet and understand what the risks are.

There is a lot of information available to parents regarding online safety on the internet. Below is a selection of links to information which may help you to increase your knowledge and understanding of keeping your children safe online.  You can also download the school online policy for more information

As a school we have regular articles in our weekly newspaper ‘Latchmere Life’ to keep parents up to date with any issues or new guidance that has been issued. We also inform parents/carers as quickly as possible if an urgent issue arises.

In-school support for parents

At the beginning of each school year, the Online Co-ordinator presents to all KS2 parents during curriculum mornings; these presentations cover a range of online concerns such as mobile technology and social networking. The parents are invited to contact the Online Co-ordinator through the school office email or by telephone if further support it required. Occasionally RBK child-safety charities and school clusters offer workshops and additional guidance to parents; when these occur the school will ensure the parents are aware of these opportunities.

As a school we have our own network monitoring service, which the children and staff are aware of. This ensures the safe access to preferred sites by the school. The safe access by all users at all times is monitored. Should this be breached at any time, this is recorded and is discussed fully.

In-school support for children

The children receive online guidance through their information technology lessons, PSHE and during year group assemblies. They can also discuss any queries and concerns with their class teacher or the Online Co-ordinator.  The children will engage in various additional activities to raise and maintain their awareness of internet safety throughout the year such as Safer Internet Day Safer Internet Day website.

The children are encouraged to speak with their teacher immediately if they encounter any material that makes them feel uncomfortable. If there is an incident in which a child is exposed to inappropriate material the school will respond to the situation quickly and on a number of levels which are outlined in the online policy.

Year 6 children are able to bring in their phones to school, which they must place in the safe place designated by the class teacher and sign it in and then sign it out at the end of the day. The phone must not be used until they have reached the KS2 parent waiting area. It must not be used within the school grounds at any time as the phone may then be confiscated for a period of time by a member of staff. In certain cases some Year 5 children have been able to bring in phones when a specific request has been made to the Headteacher

What to do if you are concerned?

In the first instance, if you are concerned about any online activity that your child is engaged in or if they have seen something that has made them uncomfortable/is inappropriate please use one of the sites below for information. They all have very helpful parent pages and the posters on these pages are guidance for both the child and the parent.                                                  Please do contact your child’s class teacher or the school’s online leader for any further advice and support.

Alternatively, if you feel your child’s safety is at risk or that they have been made vulnerable online you can use the services of CEOP to support you. CEOP is run by the National Crime Agency and you can report online issues directly to them. Please use the report button below to access this service:

General Advice

Online gaming

Mobile phones

With many children having access to mobile technology at home you may want to teach your child to be safe when text messaging and instant messaging. Please see all the necessary guidance about phone safety on National Online Safety site.

School Policies

To view our online policy, digital image policy, mobile phone policy is in the school policy please go to our policies section.