Health and Welfare

We have a number of qualified First Aiders, and there is one on duty at all times.  Sick or injured children are sent or taken to the School Office to be dealt with by the First Aider. Parents and emergency services are called as necessary. We keep a register of emergency contact numbers for all children.

In general, medicines should be administered at home. For example, a three-times-daily dose can be given before and after school and then at bedtime. If more frequent doses are needed, the medicine should be brought to the School Office with clear written instructions and signed in. The recommended practice regarding Asthma inhalers will be kept in the classrooms for access when needed. Adrenaline Auto Injectors will be kept in the office (first aid area) as a central place for easy access at all times.

To view our Health & Safety policy please follow our link to our policies page Policies – Latchmere Academy Trust