After School Activity Clubs

Please find below details of the activity clubs on offer in the Autumn term:

Activity Clubs Spring 2020


How to book

When booking clubs, please be considerate and limit the number of clubs that you book per child to three. It is especially important that where there are multiple sessions for the same club, you only book one eg. dance before half term and dance after half term only choosing one session not both.

Please make a note of pick up locations etc for each club that you book . Once you have paid via ParentPay for the clubs you have chosen, then you have a place. No further confirmation will be sent out.

Please note the following points:

  • Children attending after school clubs will not be allowed to walk home alone unless we have received written permission from you. Pupils will not be allowed to walk home alone during November – March due to the dark evenings and must be collected at 4.25pm.
  • Clubs may occasionally be cancelled at short notice, due to staff absence etc. and cannot be relied on for childcare. Parents will be informed by ParentPay text or email if a club needs to be cancelled.
  • Failure to collect your child on time may result in the place being withdrawn.
  • Children should take all of their belongings with them to the club at the end of the school day and not leave them in their lockers or classrooms.
  • Pupils can only be collected from activity clubs at the allotted finish time.
  • For afterschool activity clubs, Year 2 pupils are collected from class. KS2 pupils make their own way to the club meeting point. Please make sure your child knows where the meeting points are.
  • For Years 1 & 2 lunchtime clubs, a whistle will be blown in the playground when the club is due to start. Children should stop at the whistle and make their way to the adult holding up a picture of their club. If you think your child will not remember that they have a club at on a particular day, please remind them in the morning before they leave for school.