Year 6 News

Year 6 World War II Workshop

The whole of Year 6 piled into the drama hall to have an amazing workshop on World War 2. Dressed up as evacuees, we were put into groups to prepare a scene on what happened for a child during the war. These scenes included: travelling to the countryside, helping out with work, the blackout and the London Blitz.

At the end of the workshop we put the scenes together to make a brilliant play! For a triumphant ending to the day, everyone sang along to “We’ll Meet Again” and joyfully danced the Lambeth Walk.

Finally, on behalf of Year 6, I would like to say a massive thank you to Rainbow Theatre! We had an absolutely great time and learned lots!

by Hannah

World War II

In Year 6, pupils have been learning about the Second World War. Here is a poem written by Kasper Paulsen-Stratos (6R):-


The dreaded day came when I had to leave my place of birth
To leave my mother and father as well as my beloved dog behind.
My mother packed my case, my gas mask and a precious photograph of my family.
How long will I be gone?
Will my dog remember me (if I come back)?
I don’t want to go…but I must.
It makes me nervous thinking about who will look after me.

Here is a letter written by Natalie Taylor (6D)

year 6 news 2014

AFC Wimbledon Football Report

On Thursday 28 November, Latchmere School’s Year 6 Football Team participated in a football competition at AFC Wimbledon. There were 24 teams (including academy teams).

Out of our five games, we drew one, lost 2 and won two. Unfortunately, we got knocked out in the quarter-finals by a team that made it to the finals but we had a fun time and came home with a smile on our faces.

Those participating were Billy, Conor, Cameron, Jack, Stan, Lucas, Alex and Haris.

by Billy

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Christmas Card Competition

Congratulations to Evie in 6D who was the overall winner in MP Edward Davey’s annual Christmas card competition.  More than 1,400 children aged 4 — 15 submitted their design with the theme being the charity appeal Love Kingston. Evie’s design was the three fishes from the Royal Borough of Kingston’s coat of arms wearing Santa hats.  It  will appear on the front of Mr Davey’s  official 2013 Christmas card and as a prize Evie and her family will be invited to join the MP for tea at the House of Commons.

Latchmere Y6 2 v 3 St Paul’s Y6

On Tuesday 22nd October, Latchmere played St Paul’s in the first league game of the season.

Both teams battled for possession in the opening ten minutes before St Paul’s scored the first goal from a deflected shot.  St Paul’s quickly capitalised, scoring two more goals in quick succession. An  early own goal for Latchmere and a calm side-

footed finish by Alfie Price allowed Latchmere to take control of the second half of the match.  Latchmere dominated the remaining 15 minutes of the second half, coming close to equalising on   several occasions.

A big well done to all of the children who took part.  Man of the match was Elliott Rae who had a great game in defence.

The team in full – Harry, Liam, Finn, Alfie, Diction, Elliott, Uzair, Finlay, Rory and Jesse.#

Traffic Survey


By Kingston Gate, in the beautiful scenery of  Richmond Park we did a traffic survey which was a thousand times better than it sounds.

We were split in three groups: one at Roehampton Gate, at the junction, one that leads to Richmond Gate and another on the Kingston Gate side of the junction. We counted: cars without passengers, with passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes, horse riders and runners.

We were at Roehampton Gate and counted: 51 cars, 32 cars with passengers, 52 cyclists, 2     motorbikes, 0 horse riders, 6 pedestrians and 3 runners. Overall, 6D had a fantastic day.

by Christina & Natalie (6D)




On Monday 30 September, the Team Captains had a fantastic chance to represent Latchmere on a trip to the Crown Court ceremony at All Saints Church in Kingston.

Despite having to miss the morning lessons, the Team Captains were incredibly glad to have visited, for they watched as the judges (in their wigs, of course) paraded before them, and listened spellbound as the choir sang beautifully.

The highlight of the day was when a pigeon flew in exactly on the line “where stands a winged sentry”!  It was a very important day for Latchmere and the Team Captains were very, very happy.

Maria Browne (6R)