Year 2 Autumn Term Curriculum

Flash, bang, whizz!

Successful Learners

Areas of learning

As historians we will:

  • identify important historical figures that were alive in 1666 and how we know about Great Fire of London. We will also consider how London has changed over time and why it looks the way it does today.

As scientists we will:

  • identify everyday items that use electricity and how to create an electrical circuit. We will learn about the importance of using electricity safely.

Confident Individuals


  • By learning about how to keep ourselves and our homes safe we will become more confident individuals.

Responsible Citizens


  • We will develop an understanding of how local environments change after disasters.

Spiritual & Moral

  • We will consider an event from different viewpoints.


  • We will consider how and why incidents from history; impact our lives today and make our local communities safer.
  • We will identify important roles in our community, particularly the Fire Department.