Year 2 Autumn Term 1 Curriculum

Mighty Me!

Successful Learners

Areas of learning

As geographers we will:

  • be investigating the local environment and the country we live in.
  • identify key aspects of the British Isles including currency, flags and emblems.

As Scientists we will:

  • notice that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults.
  • find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food and air).
  • describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene.

As artists we will:

  • explore the flags of the British flags and the stories linked to them.

Confident Individuals


  • We will learn about what makes us different and how each of us is special.

Responsible Citizens


  • We will identify features of the local and wider environment.

Spiritual & Moral

  • We will learn about the importance of belonging to different groups and how that makes us feel. We will begin to understand and accept the other groups people belong to within our community.


  • We will be identifying our place of birth and that of our parents. We will compare the diversity in our community in Kingston and the UK and how that makes us individual.

Year 2 Autumn 1 Overview