Nursery Curriculum Summer 1

Where am I going? (Creatures and their environments)

Succesful Learners

Areas of learning

  • As ‘learners’ we will reflect on what we have learned and how we have learned.
  • As ‘scientists’ we will investigate how materials and substances change.
  • As ‘imagineers’ we will find out about and create magical beasts.
  • As ‘paleontologists’ we will find out about dinosaurs.
  • As ‘musicians’ and ‘story tellers’ we will retell and create musical stories.
  • As ‘travellers’ we will visit a palace. We will go back in time and find out how people used to live and imagine dinosaur worlds.

Confident Individuals


  • Start to feel safe and confident when we try new things, meet new people or go to different parts of the school.
  • We will learn about bravery, gracefulness, being powerful but gentle and loyal to our friends.

Responsible Citizens


  • We will go on a journey to an environment that is different from our nursery. We learn how it is the same and different.
  • We will think about the parts of our Nursery environment that we like and those we want to change.

Spiritual & Moral

  • We will learn to respect other people’s feelings. We will learn what to do if someone does not like chasing, for example.
  • We will learn to care for living creatures. We will care for each other by helping our friends to make the right choices.


  • We will start to meet more adults in our school community by taking the register to the office.
  • We will meet people from the wider community, for example, warders at Hampton Court Palace.

We learn best when we are interested and excited about our learning.  We will be flexible about our learning and follow children’s interests within these topics.

Nursery Summer 1 Overview

Nursery Summer POS

Nursery Summer Letter