Cake Sale Dates

Cake sales are currently on hold!

Cake Sales are held most weeks (usually on a Friday) in both the Infant and Junior playgrounds at the end of the school day.

We are very grateful to the parents who bring homemade or bought cakes into the office either on the morning of their class Cake Sale or at the end of the afternoon.  Parent Representatives usually rally support of other parents to help sell the cakes and come into the office from 3.00 pm to collect them and the cash float plus bags to put them in. 

Date Junior Infant
6C Sapphire
6B Ruby
6M Gold
6L Silver
5M Turquoise
5J Purple
5R Blue
5L Indigo
5A Hedgehogs
4FR Badgers
4R Owls
4G Foxes
4F Afternoon Nursery
3L Morning Nursery
3O Sapphire
3SH Silver
3M Ruby
6C Gold
6L & 6M Turquoise
6B Blue
5M Indigo
5L Purple
5R Hedgehogs
5A & 5J Badgers
4FR Owls
4F Foxes
4R & 4G ———-
3L Morning Nursery
3SH Afternoon Nursery
3O ­­­­———-
3M ———-