Latchmere Recomended Reading List

Have you seen our new reading lists on the website? You’ll find them in year group areas and on the phonics and reading page. The purpose of these lists is […]

World Book Day

On Thursday 4th March, Latchmere School celebrated World Book Day. Children in and outside of school dressed up and took part in some fun activities. Well done to everyone who took […]

Artwork for the NHS – RESULTS !

Back in July, Paul Tupling sold various pieces of his artwork to raise money for the NHS. We are delighted to announce that he managed to raise over £2000 ! […]

12 Days of Festive Fun

Classes have enjoyed starting the ’12 days of festive fun’ this week. The challenge is a short daily activity with a set challenge that pupils can do in the classroom each […]

Year 1 Dance – Cheerleading

Year 1 have been taking part in dance lessons with Ms, Harris every week. The past few weeks they have been focusing on Cheerleading. They have been dancing with Pom […]

Year 3 Egyptian Workshop

Year 3 had a brilliant time at the Egyptian workshop on Tuesday 24th November. We all had an acting role in the retelling of the life of Moses. One of […]

PMG Schoolwear

Christmas Opening Times “Christmas is traditionally a very quiet time for school uniform retailers and as such, we have decided to open the stores as follows from next week: Monday […]

Children in Need 2020

It was fantastic to see the children in their bright clothes, raising awareness for Children in Need.   Thank you all for your donations, in total we raised £1286.43 The money […]

Fundraising – Litter Picking

Melina from 3G was on a mission last month. She decided to litter-pick “until the whole world is spotless” and she started with her neighbourhood and the parks around it. […]

Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust Hair Donations   A huge well done to Ella in 6L who donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust. The Little Princess Trust is a […]