Specialist Resource Provision (SRP)

Specialist Resource Provision (SRP)

In September 2008, we opened our Topaz Provision for up to eight children from Key Stage 2 with a diagnosis of high-functioning autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Following the success of this Provision we opened our Little Topaz Provision in September 2018 for up to six children from Reception to Year Three also with high-functioning ASD. They are designed to support children to reintegrate back into their mainstream classes, having a safe base to come back to if they need a quieter environment to work in with more support. Some children can spend up to 80% of their time in their mainstream classes and only 20% of the time in the Provision, however due to the wide spectrum of ASD some children spend most of their time in the Provision vs going into their mainstream class. All children in the Provisions have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) which outlines the presenting need for each child. Topaz offers a supportive and nurturing environment to support the needs of each child, enabling them to successfully access the mainstream curriculum and the wider school activities.

Our Aims

Alongside our whole school mission statement of Learning, Local community, Laughter, Loyalty, Love and Leadership we aim to:

  • Support children with ASD to remain in a mainstream school environment
  • Ensure children feel confident, safe and secure within the nurturing enriching environment of the SRP and to feel a sense of belonging
  • To help regulate their emotions effectively and find ways of coping with challenging emotions that may arise throughout the day
  • Engage children by using a wide array of resources to support their independence
  • Celebrate each other’s successes and motivate them to ‘dream big’
  • Engage in a mainstream curriculum and know they are making progress, feeling proud of their achievements
  • Develop their social skills to enable good relationships with their peers where they value friendship, trust and kindness
  • Work holistically with parents, carers and external agencies to develop effective approaches to support the progress of the child
  • Celebrate the brilliance of each child and help build their confidence and self-esteem
  • Understand that people are all different, have different needs at certain times in their lives and that a community which recognises, supports and celebrate these differences is one which is caring and tolerant


The referral pathway for a placement in an SRP is through Achieving for Children’s (AfC) Special Educational Needs Panel who manage admission to the SRP in consultation with the Head Teacher, Inclusion Lead and Teacher in Charge of the SRP.

Please refer to number 13 on the SEND Information Report/School’s Local Offer page.



Meet the Team

There are three members of staff in the KS2 provision:

Hollie Sheehan, teacher-in-charge

Jill Joyce, full-time EYFS nursery nurse

Cathy Songui, full-time teaching assistant

There are two members of staff in the KS1 provision:

Jordan Baker, teacher-in-charge

Patricia Charalambous, full-time teaching assistant

Day to day flexibility

Staff work with all of the students in their Key Stage provision at different points throughout the week, as well as staff working flexibly across the two provision classrooms, to prevent individuals from becoming dependent on one particular member of staff. Staff are consistent in their approach to behaviour management and general expectations. In line with the Year 5 and 6 system, students in those year groups can earn merits which can then be spent in the merit shop. Students in Reception to Year 4 use the peg chart, which they respond well to.

SRP and mainstream staff work closely to deliver quality first teaching and intervention and support where necessary. The children in the Provision are supported to decide which lessons they can access with their mainstream class; they have access to mainstream lessons where they feel secure and able to succeed. This aids pupil autonomy and encourages independence. This is regularly reviewed with pupil voice being at the forefront of any decision making. Children from the Provision either access their mainstream class with a supporting adult from the provision or independently; this depends on individual strengths and needs. Routines have been established within the provisions, with individual visual timetables used for each child to support this, providing structure, helping each child to stay regulated. Provision staff ensure there is consistency, where possible, in terms of the subjects that each child accesses in their mainstream class to prevent gaps in learning from developing. In addition, staff in the provision work closely with mainstream class teachers to plan and support learning. Pre-teaching in the SRP helps children to be successful in their mainstream class and boosts confidence.

Provision Set up

The children in the provision have their own individual work stations where they can work alone or have time to themselves. Work stations help children to feel secure and safe in the provision; this also supports regulation and creates a calm start to every day. There are also shared work spaces where children are encouraged to work together and discuss their learning. All lessons in the provision and across the mainstream classes accessed by the provision students are differentiated appropriately. Additionally, the children have small group teaching sessions in the Provision, visual timetables (individual and a whole class), tasks that follow small step principles, gross and fine motor activities, Lego therapy sessions, nurture groups (social communication skills), 1:1 OT in Sky View building and structured personalised sensory sessions.

Students in the Provision have the option to access playtimes and lunchtimes with their classes on the KS1 or KS2 playground or in the SRP; this promotes independence and autonomy. Children enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor activities. The trampoline, trampette and other OT equipment is used throughout the day during movement breaks, assisting regulation and helping children to return to their work feeling positive and more resilient.

The pupils in the SRP are supported to build and maintain positive relationships with their peers through specific social skills and PSHE lessons, discussion around conflict management as and when required and adult-led play activities/games at different points throughout the week. The pupils across the SRPs influence planning through their individual interests and suggestions for books to study during English lessons.

The views of pupils are captured throughout the school year and regularly reflected on:

“I like bouncing on the trampoline in Big Topaz. I am better at reading now than I used to be. Going to school is important to me.”

“I love school as I get to see all of my friends. I enjoy English, maths, handwriting, spelling and OT at school.”

“I like moving my peg up for doing good work and making good choices.”

“I like seeing my friends every day in class and in Little Topaz. I enjoy school.

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