Physical Education and Sport


Latchmere achieved the gold Kitemark award in September 2017.

In order to achieve the Gold Kitemark we had to meet the following criteria:

  • Provide all students with a minimum of 2 hours of PE per week and extra curriculum provision.
  • Engage at least 50% of students in extra-curricular clubs (currently Latchmere involves 70% of children in extra-curricular clubs).
  • Talented pupils are given specific support to help them develop their sporting potential.
  • There must be at least 9 intra-school events across different sports (Latchmere have competed in 13 intra-school events in the last academic year).
  • There must be at least 9 inter-school events across different sports (Latchmere have competed in 11 inter-school events in the last academic year).
  • Latchmere have to enter 4 ‘B’ teams in to competitive events (Latchmere currently have 5 ‘B’ teams).
  • Latchmere must enter 1 ‘C’ team in to competitive events (Latchmere currently have 2 ‘C’ teams).
  • Promote school games events once a fortnight and regularly feature match reports and competition results (We promote our schools sport regularly through our Latchmere Life newsletter, via the school website and on LOD).
  • Engage at least 20% of students in leading, managing and officiating school games activities (The children lead through their roles as team captains and sports monitors. They also support the teacher in gymnastics, athletics, table tennis and sports days).
  • Have a child-led school sport organising committee (Latchmere utilises sports monitors and team captains to develop their own vision for PE at Latchmere).
  • Utilise sports coaches to support school sport.
  • Train wider school staff to support school sport.


  • All staff attended a gymnastics/health and safety twilight session last academic year.
  • Each member of staff now has a manual handling booklet for health and safety purposes and several links to the new curriculum for gymnastics planning (i.e. warm up ideas, skills progression etc).
  • Bradley Price attends termly CPD meetings as part of his new role as PE Coordinator via the Kingston borough PE coordinators’ meetings.



EYFS – Skills-based learning in PE was enhanced with the purchase of ‘balanceability’, where children develop the skill of balance, through riding a bike. This package also allows for greater independence in children’s PE development, as well as skills-based learning advancements. Skill progression and age related achievements are also detailed to give the EYFS team a better insight into the achievements of their children in PE.

KS1 – Over the last year, Latchmere have invested a large amount of money in the infant playground. The playground has had markings installed and more play equipment ordered for motor development and skills based learning opportunities. A table tennis table has also been purchased for the infant playground, following the successes of table tennis in KS2.

KS2 – A large order of PE and sporting equipment has been purchased. This order has consolidated the current resources available to teachers and enhanced each child’s opportunities in PE with new and exciting equipment. For example, three new sets of Kwik cricket equipment have been purchased, as well as tri-golf equipment for children to use.

Latchmere has hosted three table tennis tournaments to further promote the current successes of table tennis at Latchmere.

Whole School – A subscription to ‘’ was purchased to aid teachers in the process of developing and teaching outstanding PE lessons. A vast array of new resources have also been bought.

Football / Link with Kew FC

Football club has been delivered this academic year to all Year 5 and 6 children. Latchmere has 8 football teams – Year 6A, Year 6B, Year 6C, Year 5A, Year 5B and a Girls A, Girls B and Girls C team. All teams have competed competitively this year.

To develop football at Latchmere, a link with Kew Association FC was set-up last year. This relationship has allowed for professionally qualified coaches to run sessions at Latchmere, as well as Kew FC supplying Latchmere’s football team with new kits.

ESAA Athletics

All KS2 children have been given the opportunity to take part in free athletics events during the summer term. The scheme is set-up by the English Schools Athletic Association (ESAA) and allows each child to compete against their own time/distance rather than against others. So far, (from 16/04/15) 178 children have opted to take part in the athletics competitions across a range of nearly 750 events.

Participation recording

All competitive events and clubs have been recorded in a new way this year to analyse which children are taking part in different sports. This information can be reviewed, so that next year a greater number and variety of sporting events/competitions can be offered to as many children as possible at Latchmere. This is a work in progress.

Tournaments held at Latchmere

2014 -2015

 November 2014 Table tennis tournament

  • Year 3 – 40 children
  • Year 4 – 53 children
  • Year 5 – 35 children
  • Year 6 – 33 children
  • Total = 161 Children

June/July 2015 Lunchtime Hockey World Cup

  • Years 3/4 – 128 children
  • Years 5/6 – 84 children
  • Total = 212 Children

2015 – 2016

 November 2015 Table tennis tournament

  • Years 3/4 – 112 children
  • Years 5/6 – 80 children
  • Total = 192 Children

Spring 2 (2016) – Lunchtime Netball World Cup

Summer Term (2016) – Lunchtime Football European Championships

‘Sports leaders’ were used to help officiate some of the table tennis tournament matches and will be used to organise and officiate during the netball and football tournaments.


Kingston Borough Tournament that Latchmere have attended / Ranking in Kingston

Latchmere have attended a greater number and variety of sporting events across Kingston borough this academic year. This has been shown in the Kingston borough participation records – Latchmere was in 10th place out of 30 schools for sporting participation in the academic year (2013/14) and in 4th place in the academic year (2014/15). This year our aim is to be in the top three schools for sporting participation.

We have competed in a range of events this year with the following outcomes:

  • Swimming – 1st
  • Year 2 Football festival (friendly but won all our games)
  • Girls Years 5/6 Qualifiers- 2nd
  • Girls finals- 1st (now representing Kingston at LYG)
  • Boys Years 5/6 Qualifiers- 1st
  • Boys football tournament at Fulham FC- Quarter Finals
  • Cross Country – 1st
  • Sports hall athletics qualifiers – 1st
  • Sports hall athletics semi-finals- 1st
  • Sports hall athletics finals- 1st (now representing Kingston at LYG)
  • Girls football Years 3/4 – (friendly but won every game)
  • Gymnastics qualifiers- qualified

Coming up

  • Year 4 borough football tournament
  • Year 5/6 girls’ borough football tournament
  • Year 5 football trials

Also, lots of friendlies- particularly against St Luke’s and St Agatha’s. (Yr 6 boys-A,B and C; Yr 5 Boys- A and B; Yr 5/6 girls- A,B and C)

As a result of our recent successes, Latchmere will now be representing Kingston in the London Youth Games for girls’ football, gymnastics and athletics. We also have several children representing Kingston at a borough/county level in boys football. One pupil, Taheem Javaid, represented Great Britain at a national level in hockey. Latchmere have entered a table tennis competition where successful children will be able to represent London at a National level.

Latchmere are again organising the Kingston Table Tennis competition at Latchmere – which we won last year out of 12 competing school. As a result we offered table tennis to 54 boys and 54 girls across Kingston.

Objectives for future PE development at Latchmere

  • To develop Latchmere’s sporting role in Kingston – offering a wider variety of sporting competitions at Latchmere – utilising our facilities
  • To develop table tennis following our recent successes at a borough level
  • To participate and compete in as wider variety of sporting competitions as possible in Kingston
  • To fulfil the needs of all children in a sporting context – offering opportunities for all
  • To engage a greater number of children in officiating and organising sporting events at Latchmere

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