Year 6 Autumn Term Curriculum

Autumn Term – More Questions than Answers

Successful Learners

Areas of learning

  • As geographers, we will explore the topical local issue of traffic in Richmond Park and consider its impact.
  • As scientists, we will investigate the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle through practical experimentation and analysis of data.
  • Within computing, we will create geotrails by exploiting the use of audio-visual media.

Confident Individuals


  • We will recognise that the opinions of others are to be treated respectfully.
  • We will undertake roles of responsibility within the school community.

Responsible Citizens


  • We will use the question ‘Should traffic be allowed to use Richmond Park?’ to initiate a further discussion about this and other local environmental issues. 

Spiritual & Moral

  • Through class discussion arising from literacy, science and geography topics we will consider questions for which there are a range of opinions and no definitive answers.


  • We will recognise and appreciate the beauty of Richmond Park and reflect upon its significance within the local community whilst showing respect for a range of viewpoints.

Curriculum Overview

  Autumn Spring Summer
Literacy/English Focus texts –

‘There’s A Boy In The Girls’ Bathroom’; ‘Twelfth Night’

Focus texts –

‘War Boy’; ‘Friend or Foe’

Revision and consolidation of reading and writing skills
Science ‘‘Staying Alive’ – investigating healthy living; ‘Let it shine’ – exploring the behaviour of light ‘Electrifying!’ – investigating circuits; ‘Classifying critters’ – exploring how living things are grouped ‘We are evolving’ – a study of adaptation
Information Technology Creating geotrails; project planning with spreadsheets Cybersafety research; creating adventure games Modelling climate change; creating a yearbook
Humanities Geographical local enquiry –

traffic in Richmond Park

History – study of an influential figure from the 20th century (Gandhi)

History: World War Two – how the war affected lives of civilians; evacuation; the Blitz; rationing; propaganda; women’s changing role The life and influence of Martin Luther King Geography: Rainforests – study of a contrasting locality; climate; rainforest ecosystem; wildlife; culture; employment; human impact on the rainforest and global implications
Design Technology Designing and making puppets Designing and making air-raid shelters Designing and making pop-up books
Physical Education Basketball; gymnastics; hockey Badminton; dance; football; tennis Cricket; rounders; athletics
Personal, Social, Health Education Relationships; going for goals Saying no to bullying; good to be me New beginnings; changes
Religious Education Sikhism; Christmas in the church Key events in the life of Jesus; Jewish worship Exploring the evidence of religion in the local community

Year 6 Autumn 2019 curriculum plans overview