Year 6

Welcome To Year Six


Best Practice Manager – Mr Cooper (6C)
Mr Lamb (6L)
Mr Maguire (6M)
Ms Board (6B)

Teaching Assistant:
Ms Ko, Mr Davies, Ms Cannarsa, Ms Holt & Ms Serrano

We hope you had a good summer and that your child will settle quickly and happily into Year 6. We look forward to working with you and with your child throughout the year.

This term, cake sales are planned as follows:

  • 20th September 6C
  • 27th September 6B
  • 4th October 6M
  • 11th October 6L

On a similar note, if your child’s class does not yet have parent representatives, the class teacher would love to hear from you! This can be shared between parents within any class.

You will find a copy of your child’s class timetable below. Please bear in mind that lessons may be rearranged to suit the particular activities planned for any given week.


6B – Autumn 2019

6C – Autumn 2019

6L – Autumn 2019

6M – Autumn 2019

Reading books and reading records should be brought to school every day. In the meantime, we hope that your child will maintain a regular reading habit at home and complete at least two in-depth entries per week. This has been discussed already during lessons.

The ‘Good Times’ Tables Challenge Will Take Place Every Week:

Class assemblies are planned as follows:

  • 27th September 6C
  • 18th October 6M
  • 7th February 6L
  • 28th February 6B

Each Year 6 class will be visiting *a local Park one afternoon as part of their geographical studies as follows:

  • Tuesday 24th September 6B and 6C
  • Wednesday 25th September 6L and 6M

Finally, we invite you to the Year 6 curriculum meeting which has been arranged for Tuesday 10th September at 9.15am.

We will provide you with a brief outline of the curriculum we have planned for your child this year and give preliminary details about the residential visit in the summer.