Year 5 Summer Term 2 Curriculum

Summer Term 2 – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Successful Learners

Areas of learning

  • As writers, we are using our imagination through poetry composition, and adapting our style according to the audience.
  • As mathematicians, we are exploring algebra and volume as well as developing our investigative and problem-solving skills.
  • As scientists, we are learning about adopting a healthy lifestyle through an understanding of what we eat.
  • As geographers, we are broadening our knowledge and understanding of the continents whilst interpreting maps.

Confident Individuals


  • Linked to well-being, we will explore the importance of a healthy lifestyle through making informed choices.

Responsible Citizens


  • Through our geographical studies, we are enhancing our appreciation of the world’s physical features.

Spiritual & Moral

  • We are developing further the importance and benefits of having a healthy mental outlook on life.


  • We will learn and explain some of the differing ways that believers show their beliefs, ideas and teachings.

Year 5 Summer 2 Overview