Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

2021 Y5 autumn newsletter

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Home Learning

Reading books and reading records should be brought to school every day. The reading records have space for keeping a record of books read, retrieval, inference and comment questions (to be addressed later this term) and an activity. A double page should be used each week but, so as to not stifle your child’s creativity, please note that the activity can be done on larger pieces of paper and in 3D form etc. This has been reiterated to the children in class. The record should be handed in to your child’s teacher every Monday and it will be returned to them by Wednesday of the same week.

The ‘Good Times’ Tables Challenge will take place on different days for different classes.  Please refer to your child’s timetable for this information.  We have redistributed the children’s Times Tables Rock Stars’ logins and would appreciate it if you could encourage your child to spend fifteen minutes each day practising their times tables using this software.  Little and often makes a significant difference to the learning of times tables, and last year we saw huge improvements in the progress of those students who followed this advice.

 The home learning grid is filled with creative ideas and we expect all children to complete one English, one maths and one creative task every half term.  Please speak to your child’s teacher if your child finds a particular subject in the grid more challenging and requires extra support (in addition to that given in class) to complete it.


Year 5 Recommended Reading List


The children will be visiting the Thames River Boat project at Teddington Lock this month.


This year your child has the opportunity to complete this course.  We would appreciate it if you could return the paperwork for this as quickly as possible so that we can proceed with the arrangements.  The courses will commence later this month.


Please use the videos on LOD to reinforce your child’s learning and keep an eye out for new ones that will appear over the course of the term.


This year we would like the children to come to school wearing suitable PE kit on the day that they have PE.  This will allow more time for each lesson and is considered more appropriate at this time. The timetables for PE are as follows:

Playtime Snacks

Because of the current situation it has been decided that the school will not provide oaties for morning break times. We would be grateful if you could provide a healthy snack for your child each morning and please remember that we are a nut-free school.