Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Best Practice Manager – Ms Frame (4FR)
Ms Floodgate (4F)
Mr Rissen (4R)
Ms Grima (4G)

Teaching Assistants:
Ms Pike, Mr Dowson, Ms Ono & Mr O’Hare

We hope you and your children have had a wonderful summer, and the children are now looking forward to starting the new year. We anticipate an exciting term ahead, full of stimulating topics such as “The Tudors” and “Electricity”. Our Year 4 teachers are keen to introduce the new topics, get to know all the children and find out their individual personalities.

Curriculum Morning:

We would like to invite you to the Year 4 Curriculum Morning where you will have the opportunity of meeting the teachers and finding out what we have planned this year.

  • This will be from 9.15 on Wednesday 11th September. We look forward to meeting as many as can make it.

If you are unable to make this date and have any questions about the curriculum and the upcoming year, please take the opportunity to come and say hello when we accompany the children on to the playground at the end of the school day for the first two weeks. Also, all the topics covered in the autumn term can be found on the website.

Parent Reps:

Thank you to those parents who have already mentioned that they are happy to help as Parent Representatives this year. You provide a very valuable role. If you haven’t done so already please do introduce yourselves to the class teacher so they know who you are.

Maths And Good Times Challenge:

As with Year 3, maths will continue to be taught for approximately 5 hours a week, with all children being taught within their own class.

  • We will be continuing with the Good Times Challenge and as we always do at the start of Year 4, we will be getting the children to start a few steps back then they finished at the end of Year 3.
  • This will help them consolidate their times table knowledge, which may be a little rusty after the summer break.

Enrichment Activities:

There will be many exciting events and trips planned for this year, including,

  • *History visit
  • *Nature trip
  • An opportunity to learn more about the Aztecs from ‘Mexicolore’
  • And, of course, the residential trip.
  • We will again be going to PGL. There will be information about this trip sent out soon.

There will be two dressing up events planned this year which are specific to Year 4. The first one will be Tudor Day, after half term and the second is Science Fiction Day, which is in spring.


4F Autumn 1 2019

4FR Autumn 1 2019

4G Autumn 1 2019

4R Autumn 1 2019

School Diary:

As per last year, the school will provide each child with a diary. This contains lots of useful information about the school and exciting facts. The children will be given the opportunity at the end of every day to write something about their day at school.

  • They will then bring their diaries home for you to look at. Please, can you ensure that they are bringing them to school with them every day?

Home Learning:

We will be continuing with the same set up for home learning as per the end of last year. Your child will be given, at the start of each half term, a sheet with a selection of home learning projects for them to do and then bring to school when finished.

  • These will continue to be optional. The list of tasks can also be found on the website. In addition, your child will receive weekly spellings that we will test on a Friday.


Swimming has started. These are the times for each class:

  • 4FR – Monday 10.00 am – 11.00 am
  • 4F – Monday 11.00 am – 12.00 am
  • 4G – Thursday 11.00 am – 10.00 am
  • 4R – Friday 11.00 am – 12.00 am

Please ensure your child comes with the correct swimming attire and no jewellery (please remove for the day). This year all swimming sessions in KS2 will be continued to be overseen by a TA, therefore we don’t require parent volunteers.

Wider Opportunities:

In Music lessons in Year 4, the children will be learning 2 instruments as a whole class during the year. For the first half of the year until February Half Term 2 classes will be taught to play a Brass instrument and 2 classes will be taught Djembe Drumming.

After February Half Term they will swap.

  • The lessons are delivered by professional musicians from Kingston Music Service, Mike Searby will teach Brass and Tom Early will teach Djembe Drumming.
  • The children will be working towards a performance for you at February half term and then performance on the second instrument in the Summer.

Mrs Mcloughlin will be sending a letter with more details very shortly. We are asking you to make a voluntary contribution of £10 towards the cost of the teaching and instrument hire.