Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Best Practice Manager – Ms Lewis (3L)
Mr Sheridan (3SH)
Ms O’Dea (3O)
Ms MacDonald (3M)

Teaching Assistants:
Ms Tindal, Ms Ebrahimi & Ms Haque

Dear parents and carers, we hope that you had a wonderful summer and we are really looking forward to working with you and your child this year.

Dates For Your Diary

Cake Sale Dates Class Assembly Dates:

  • 3L – 17th January 2020/5th June 2020
  • 3L – 22nd November 2019
  • 30 – 24th January 2020/19th June 2020
  • 3O – 10th January 2020
  • 3SH – 31st January 2020/12th June 2020
  • 3SH – 24th January 2020
  • 3M – 7th February 2020/26th June 2020
  • 3M – 27th March 2020


A copy of your child’s timetable for the Autumn term is available to download below.  Please note P.E. times for your child so that they have the correct named kit in school at all times.

3SH Timetable Autumn 2019

3O Timetable Autumn 2019

3M Timetable Autumn 2019

3L Timetable Autumn 2019

Home Learning

In Year 3, children will receive a home learning grid at the start of every half term. This will include a range of activities to complete over the half term. The activities are optional however, we do encourage the children to complete as many as they can.

  • Once they have completed an activity we would be delighted for them to bring the article into school so that your child can share their work with the class.
  • In addition to these home learning activities, your child will continue to bring home the ‘Good Times Challenge’ and spellings to practise.

Learn On-Demand

Our Year 3 ‘Learn On-Demand’ videos will also be added to throughout the year. Please keep checking in with the website to see what is new. We will promote any new videos in class and through the weekly school newsletter.


At the beginning of the year, children will be given a reading book at their appropriate level. They can then take this book home and return it to school when they have finished it. We recommend that children read for at least 10-15 minutes each night and you and your child can record what they have read in their reading diary. Discussing your child’s reading with them is important and comprehension continues to be a focus in Year 3.  We also welcome children bringing in books from home if they wish.

Parents are invited to read with their child in school one afternoon a week every Monday at 3.00pm, starting on Monday 16th September. If you have a child in the infants, you can take your child at 3.20pm, providing you sign out in the classroom.

  • Please collect your child from their class and find a quiet space in the library, corridor or outside for your reading session.
  • Children will also access the library once a week, taking a book home and returning it the following week.

School Diaries

We will continue with school diaries this year and the children are now in an established routine of writing down their favourite part of the day. We ask that children return this diary to school each day so that they have it in class to complete.

Morning Routine

We welcome you on to the playground for the next two weeks and staff will monitor the playground from 8.50am onwards.

  • Children will free flow into class from 8:50 am onwards. The staff will meet them in their classroom and there will be a starter activity waiting for them.


Swimming will begin the w/c 9th September. Your class timetable will indicate which day your child will be swimming.

Class Representatives

If you would like to be a class rep, your class teacher will be very pleased to hear from you. Each class normally has two or three class reps that will take the lead in organising the class cake sales and other events.

  • In KS2, all children are offered an ‘oatie’ in the morning (oaties are similar to flapjacks, but healthier). Oaties provide ‘slow release’ energy to help children remain alert during the morning lessons. They will usually be offered to children around 10:00 am.
  • Children can also bring their own fruit/vegetable snack and a water bottle, which we encourage.


  • Please ensure that your child’s teacher has any relevant medication and that this medication is up-to-date.