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Welcome to Year One Letter 2021

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The transition from Reception to Year 1

Our aim is to ensure that every child experiences a smooth transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1. The Year 1 curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that children have had in reception and we continue to value the experiences play offers. Learning through play will continue and the children will gradually be eased into more formal learning as the term goes on so that they remain motivated, enthused and eager learners. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions or queries.

Book and Chair Bags

  • Every child needs a named bag. If there are any letters to go home these will usually be put into their book bags so please check regularly. Please ensure your child’s bag fits in their locker, if they have one.
  • As in reception, each child needs a named chair bag – these really help the children to be independent in the classroom and to have their things readily to hand

Get to Know You’ Meeting

  • Our usual ‘Get To Know You’ meeting will now be recorded and will be placed on LOD, on the Year 1 channel, in light of the current situation. During this video you will meet the Year 1 team, be given information about class routines, the curriculum, teaching strategies and the school year.
  • We know this is usually an interactive session and that you might have questions as a result – if your class’ parent representatives could collate questions, the Year 1 team will happily respond.

Daily Routine

  • Children can enter the classroom from 8.45am and learning starts at 9am.  Please say goodbye to your child in the playground and encourage them to come to the classroom doors independently. This is important to help keep the doorway clear and also to develop increasing independence. If you have any queries for your child’s class teacher, please feel free to arrange a meeting for after school.
  • Our school gates will be opened shortly before 3.20 pm.  If you have arranged for your child to be collected by another adult, please write this in the class book (which can be found on the class notice board) and sign it.

Reading in Year 1

  • Year 1 is an exciting year in your child’s reading development during which they are able to become increasingly confident and independent readers. Regular reading at home with an adult is vitally important at this time in order to practise and develop key reading skills. Your support in this area is very appreciated. Each child will be given colour coded reading books, a sharing book and a reading diary for reading at home. Please use the reading diary to record when your child reads with you at home. Each reading record contains information about how to record your child’s reading and suggestions for questions to ask while reading with your child. If you have any questions about reading, please direct these to your child’s teacher, who will be happy to discuss these with you.

Year 1 Recommended Reading List

French in Year 1

  • All Year 1 children will now be given the opportunity to learn French in fortnightly sessions with Madame Moran. These will take place on Thursday afternoons.


  • Swimming lessons for Year 1 children will take place in the Summer term.


  • As we respond to current events, we are now asking for children to come to school in their P.E kit on P.E days. We ask that children are dressed appropriately for the weather – we would appreciate it if children could wear long sleeves and long trousers (preferably in navy, grey or black) this term. They will need their usual coat and their school bag on these days.
  • Children will have a weekly P.E session with their teacher and two sessions with P.E teaching staff during our PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) time, every fortnight, on a Thursday. Please bear with us as we finalise the P.E timetable in light of the current situation – information will follow on which days your child will have P.E with their class teacher.
  • The two sessions with P.E teaching staff will take place:

Home Learning

  • The children will bring home weekly phonics homework. The weekly phonics homework will link to the sounds your child has been learning that week. This homework is optional but will allow you to keep up-to-date with your child’s progress in phonics.
  • From week three, children will bring home weekly spellings to learn ready for the spelling quiz. These weekly spellings will contain a Year 1 spelling rule. Please help children to learn the rule as well as the specific words on the spelling quiz.
  • In Autumn 2, children will have a Home Learning grid – they can choose to complete different activities, which links to their learning at school. Children will get the opportunity to share their home learning with the class!

Book and Chair Bags

  • Every child needs a named book bag. These need to come to school every day. These should only contain your child’s reading books, their reading record, their school diary and any home learning. If there are any letters to go home these will usually be put into their book bags so please check regularly.
  • Please ensure your child’s bag fits in their locker if they have one. As in reception, each child needs a named chair bag.

Class Notice Boards

  • Each class has its own notice board for messages. If you wish to post a notice please first show it to the class teacher.


  • Children will now be eating school dinners and packed lunches in Innovation House.


  • Children are able to bring in a healthy snack for morning playtime. Please label their snack. We are not currently receiving fruit school and so are unable to provide the usual school fruit basket – we will make sure to update you if, and when, this situation changes.

Water bottles

  • Children may bring water to school each day in a plastic bottle with a spill-proof top. Please remember to put your child’s name on the bottle, which should be brought home at the end of each day to be washed and refilled