Welcome to Nursery

We hope that you had a lovely Summer and would like to welcome you all to Rainbow Nursery at Latchmere school. Since starting Rainbow nursery, the children have shown an eagerness to explore the environment and the experiences on offer and are happily settling into nursery life.  We are learning about their interests and fascinations and are looking forward to building a partnership with you to make the children’s nursery experience the best it can be.

Talking and Reading together

Developing children’s talk is an important foundation for their later reading and writing and this is one of our main priorities during the nursery year.  We use all opportunities through play, sharing stories and cooking, for example, to help children to pay attention, listen, follow instructions, learn new words and speak in longer sentences.

This term, we are planning exciting story-based opportunities to promote a love of stories and to make them irresistible to children. We strive to encourage conversations about the stories we explore with the children and for them to learn a selection of ‘wonderful words’ from each one. We will use these words in other situations which will help children to eventually use them in their own talk.  We will make you aware of these words so that you can also use them at home with the family.

This is a selection of stories that we will explore this term:



Our curriculum is based on the ‘Mathematics educational programme’ in the ‘Statutory Framework for the EYFS 2021’ and feeds into the ‘White Rose Maths Programme’. The children will have opportunities to match, sort and count using real objects, counters and Numicon in their play and will have a short, active maths activity each day.  Children will also be learning to recognise groups of up to 3 objects instantly, which is known as ‘subitising’.  We will be singing lots of number rhymes.

Curriculum Hightlights

This term the children will be learning about themselves and each other through our topics of ‘Marvellous Me!’ and ‘Let’s Celebrate!’.   The children will begin by learning about their environment and how to select and use the resources available to them.  They will be building relationships with each other and finding out how we all celebrate events and occasions that are special to us and our families.  They will also be celebrating the similarities between themselves and others and finding out what makes us all special.

You can find out more information about the Autumn term learning by looking at the Nursery Medium Term Plans and programmes of study on the website.

Weekly ‘Curriculum Highlights’ will be posted each Monday on the nursery class noticeboard, which is on the wall at the front of the nursery building.  These will give a brief overview of the learning that is planned for the coming week.

Updates and Reminders

Session Routines

Thank you for your support in helping your child to settle into nursery.  Their transition has been smooth and the children are enjoying their new experiences and getting to know the adults and each other.

You are welcome to come into nursery with your child at the beginning of the session.  Please let them show you how they can hang up their own coats and belongings and say goodbye to them when they are settled at an activity or with an adult.

While we are getting to know you, dismissing the children may take a little longer than usual.  Please stand back from the nursery gate to enable us to see you all clearly so that we can hand over your child to you safely.

Many of you have informed us of the named adults who have your permission to pick your child up at the end of the session and we have compiled a list which we can refer to.  If you have planned for a different person to pick up, please tell a nursery adult at the beginning of the session so that we can write it in the ‘message book’.  You can also ring the office to notify them, and they will send us an internal message.

Parent Representatives

Each year we value the support that our parent representatives give us, acting as a liason between the class team and our parents.  Two parents in the morning nursery session have kindly volunteered to act as our parent representatives.  If any parents would like to volunteer to be an afternoon parent representative, we would be most appreciative.

Book Bags

Each child in nursery needs a named book bag so that we can send home sharing books with them each week.  Please return bookbags on a Thursday so that we can send them home with a different book on a Friday.

Naming Belongings

Please remember to name your child’s clothes, bookbags, snack and water bottles so that we can support children in gathering their belongings at the end of the session.


In line with our healthy eating policy, please remember to send in fruit and vegetables only.  These are the only snack foods we have in nursery in order to keep children safe in case of allergies.  School fruit is available for all children on a daily basis.  Snack time is a good opportunity for children to see that their friends eat fruit or vegetables of different kinds and can sometimes encourage children to try fruit when they might not normally.

Key Dates:

Please do not hesitate to ask any member of the nursery team if you need any further information.  We are keen to keep parents well informed and look forward to you being involved in our nursery learning.  We will send out further information about other events as dates are confirmed.

Thank you for your support,

Best wishes from

The Nursery Team

Mrs Booth, Ms Leung, Ms Lewis, Ms Hewitt and Ms Dale


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