Welcome to Nursery


Foundation Stage Leader – Ms Booth
Ms Khiytani
Mr Davies

Nursery Nurses / Teaching Assistants:
Ms Renuhausay, Ms Lewis, Ms Hewitt & Ms Hunter

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back. We hope you and your children feel energised and ready for all the new challenges and exciting opportunities that will come our way in 2020!

Thank you to all families who have sent in the ‘home learning challenges’ about ‘houses’.  The children are enjoying sharing them with their nursery friends and it has given us a good start to talking about our new topic, ‘Where do we live?’  We look forward to receiving more in the coming weeks and will be sending home some more activities for you and your child to have fun with together.

What we are learning this term – Planning is posted on the nursery window.

The children have returned to nursery full of enthusiasm and we are having our initial ‘shared thinking’ sessions about what we will be learning this term.

In Spring 1 we are going to think about the question, ‘Where do we live’?

The children will be sharing what they know about where they live and will be thinking about other ideas for what else we might learn.  We will be linking this learning to stories and to children’s interests.  We will be keeping in touch with you and inviting you to get involved with our learning.  There has already been much excitement about sharing their ‘house’ challenge.

This term we are introducing ‘Number of the Week’.  Each week we will look at a different number and will be exploring that number in different ways through our play.  For example, when we focus on ‘number 2’, we may buy our milk and fruit for 2 pennies so that children relate the numbers to practical experiences.  Each week you could find the number we are focusing on at home and in the outside world and draw your child’s attention to it.  We will put up some suggested activities for home on the nursery window.

We will continue with a high focus on sharing stories and learning some stories thoroughly, starting with ‘Goldilocks’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  We will introduce ‘Helicopter Story’ sessions which are usually on Thursdays when children are encouraged to make up and act out their own stories.

The Poetry Basket

“If children know eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they’re four years old, they’re usually among the best readers by the time they’re eight.”  (Mem Fox, Reading Magic)

We are introducing the children to new poems on a regular basis to develop their love of the rhythms and rhymes of language and to develop their vocabulary and memory.  Watch out for the new poems coming home for you to share with your child so they can take pride in showing what they have learned.  It is important for the poems to be recited with actions so ask your child to show you what those actions are.

“Children who develop strong oral language skills during the preschool years create an important foundation for their later achievements in reading, especially reading comprehension.”  (Storch and Whitehurst, 2002).

In Spring 2 we will think about, ‘What’s in the Garden?’

Again, the children will tell us about what they know already and they will find out new things to extend their learning.  Please refer to our curriculum and topic maps on the school website for more information.  Further details of planned activities will be given in the coming weeks.

To enhance our learning, we have organised a visit from ‘Mill Cottage Farm’ on Thursday 2nd April when children will be able to handle and go inside the pens with farm animals.  We look forward to this exciting learning opportunity.

LOD – Learning On-Demand

  • Please visit ‘LOD’ to view videos of our learning, through the ‘Curriculum’ section of Latchmere School website.  More videos will be added as the year progresses.

Wow stickers Thank

  • You for celebrating your children’s ‘wow moments’ with us.  The children feel very proud of their achievements and this helps to maintain their healthy self-esteem.  If you would like more stickers, please ask a member of staff.

Mobile Phones

  • Please remember that Rainbow Nursery is a mobile phone free zone at all times.
  • It is important for all parents, carers and visitors to be aware that we cannot give permission for photos of children to be taken on nursery premises.
  • When helping in the nursery, parents will be asked to leave their phones in a cupboard until they leave the session.
  • Thank you for remembering this.

Important dates

Nursery Cake Sales

Afternoon nursery          Friday 10th January.

Morning nursery            Friday 17th January.

Nursery Open Day for prospective parents and children.

  • The nursery will be closed on Friday, January 31st for prospective parents and their children to view the nursery environment.
  • There will be no nursery sessions on that day for current nursery children

Parent consultations

  • Will take place throughout the week beginning 16th March. Further details will be given.


Thursday, 26th March:

  • Morning Nursery at 10.15 am,
  • Afternoon Nursery at 2.30 pm

We will keep you informed of Nursery events as the term progresses and look forward to lots of exciting learning experiences in the coming weeks. You are always welcome to speak to your child’s key person or other members of the team if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued support.