Latchmere Community

Latchmere School is a Community School with a vision which recognises the importance of the people in its locality. The school forms a pivotal role in the lives of many pupils past and present. The Old Latchmerians, a  group of past pupils who attended the school between 1939-45 remain an active element coming to talk to the Year 6 pupils about their experiences during WW2 whilst at Latchmere, attending celebrations, creating and maintaining a peace garden. We greatly value their input and interest.

The school has an historic link with the “The Keep”, a gated housing community that serves Ministry of Defence staff, officers and their families as well as foreign military forces attending The Royal College of Defence. The children of these families attend the school for periods of a year or more depending on the postings of their parents.

A number of staff attended the school themselves, have children and grandchildren who also attended the school and still live in the local community. Latchmere School is a larger than average primary school.