Year 6 World War 2

“On Wednesday 5th February, Year 6 participated in a World War Two workshop run by the Rainbow Theatre Group. It was very enjoyable and informative. We all dressed up (with gas masks ready) and had a chance to act in a scene that would have happened during the war. The scenes included: rationing, evacuation, an air-raid and the blackout. This really helped us understand the tragic times ordinary citizens were living in.” Zinnia and James 6B







“This workshop taught me a lot of things. It taught me how parents dealt with their adopted children and what children did during the day.” Sophie 6C






“It was so fun watching and acting things that happened during the war. I loved it when they  made the teachers take part in it as well.” Lois 6C






“I liked how everybody took part in the workshop. It was fun being a fire warden.” Daisy 6C












“We thoroughly enjoyed it. The Rainbow Theatre deserve a double thumbs up.” Oliver 6C