Year 5 Victorian Day

“On Wednesday 15th January 2020, Year 5 took part in a Victorian workshop. There were different jobs and roles for all of us. We even got to do some acting and pretend to be workers from the Victorian era. A few facts really surprised me, like how the Victorians actually wanted to work for 72 hours a week ! Year 5 had a fantastic time !” Sulayman 5A


“I was a match girl and I had to dip pieces of thin wood into a poisonous liquid. It was so much fun. I loved it !” Izzy 5R


“Last Wednesday, Year 5 took part in a Victorian workshop which we all enjoyed. It was fascinating and everyone was able to take part. We acted out different roles including children in the coal mines, factory workers and school children. It was very relative as we were about to do our class assembly on Friday. We found it really funny and the theatre company were really good actors. We can’t wait for them to come again!” Ella and Alex 5J