Year 5 Hindleap Warren 2020

“Last week was a wet, sunny, cloudy and fun week in the forest. The children participated in a wide variety of activities and had a fabulous time in the mud. The staff were very proud of their achievements and the challenges they faced. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff for their hard work and support in the daytime and the night-time!”

Mrs Moss


“At Hindleap Warren, we took part in many fun and adventurous activities. Some included: Forest Adventure, Crate Stack, a night walk, Pool Canoeing and a disco! We all had brilliant fun and I hope that the Year 5’s next year have as good a time as we did at Hindleap Warren.”

Kay 5A


I thought that the Forest Adventure was the best activity because it was very interesting, challenging and muddy! I had water up to my neck!

Sam 5L


“I loved all the activities because they were all a new experience for me. My favourite activity was Forest Adventure because we walked through wait high puddles.”

Charlie 5L


“I liked the breakfast because on Wednesday we had pancaked and Maple syrup. My favourite activity was the Pentagon course.”

Alex 5L


“We took part in amazing activities such as:

Crate Stack, Climbing Wall, Forest Adventure and many more. Lots of the activities were really muddy and we thoroughly enjoyed them all.

We had wonderful food  (including the hot chocolate and cookies), brilliant bedtime stories, cosy bedrooms and great instructors.

We all had a lovely time at Hindleap and will carry happy memories with us into the future.”

Kelly and William 5J