Team Captains

This week, Year 6 children found out their monitor positions for the year. Every child has an important responsibility to help the smooth running of Latchmere School.

Congratulations to every Year 6 child who applied for the Team Captain positions. The teachers were particularly impressed with the video speeches this year and how the children involved really rose to the challenge of doing something which has never been done before. The video speeches were filled with fantastic ideas about how to continue to improve the school and every individual spoke with confidence and can be proud of their efforts. ​

Tigers > Pablo 6M, Isabella 6B and Camilla 6C

Jaguars > Benjamin 6LK, Mahalia 6C and Leo 6LK

Leopards > Isobel 6M, Raahil 6LK, Oliver 6C

Lions > Alex 6L, Noam 6L and Gaia 6B