Richmond Park

Last Thursday, after our amazing school trip, we went to the playground for a special activity. In literacy we have been reading ‘The Wild Robot’ by Peter Brown. After learning about camouflage we were introduced to a friend of the main character Roz in our classroom, a real, life sized robot called Joebot! We were then given the task to help Joebot camouflage so that he could survive in the wild.

We had different jobs such as designers, collectors and stickers. ​All of the jobs were really exciting and fun and it was fantastic to see Joe camouflage in the wild. Joe suddenly transformed when we stuck on the leaves and twigs.

Cara 4R


‘We all found a good place to make a habitat. Generally, everyone used some berries to give the animals some food when they go into the habitat. It was really fun making habitats.’ – Grace 4G

‘For our second activity we went on a minibeast hunt. We looked under logs and in the grass. We found some slugs and spiders.’ – Gracie 4G

‘We looked at different types of camouflage and we decided to disguise Roz’s friend Margot in a tree. We used leaves, dirt and grass to blend her in with what was around her in the caravan area. We enjoyed working as a team’ – 4FR

‘Our trip to Richmond Park was amazing! We did two brilliant tasks. We made habitats out of fern, straw, sticks, leaves and grass. We also did a ‘tree shake’ and bugs and a spider fell down. I really enjoyed it! ‘ –Mabel 4M