12 Days of Festive Fun

Classes have enjoyed starting the ’12 days of festive fun’ this week.

The challenge is a short daily activity with a set challenge that pupils can do in the classroom each day. Each day the children add to the challenge and do the activity from the day or days before, just like the 12 days of Christmas song.


Santa hopping has been one of the favourite activities among the children.

“My favourite has been Santa hopping – George 4G

“My favourite has been hopping – Idris 4FR

“My favourite has been Santa hopping and gingerbread twists – Kay 6Lk”

12 Days of Festive Fun

The Snowmen said to me…..

Do ONE minute Santa hopping

Do TWO Elf  squats

Do THREE mountain climbers ​

Do FOUR chocolate log jumps

Do FIVE lunges

Do SIX snowman tuck jumps

Do SEVEN bauble burpees

Do EIGHT gingerbread twistees

Do NINE jumping Jack Frosts

Do TEN Rockin’ Robin spotty dogs

Do ELEVEN reindeer high knees

Do TWELVE second Christmas Tree Pose