Year 5 Maths Challenge

Just before half-term, four boys (Oliver, William, Ethan and Alfie) enthusiastically participated in a Year 5 Maths Challenge and thoroughly impressed Mrs Weaver (who accompanied them) as well as the teachers from Hampton School. The Year 5 Team are very proud of the boys’ achievement and of their great spirit on the day. This was celebrated as part of a whole school assembly. Congratulations to you all! The Year 5 Team

This is what Ethan and Alfie had to say:-

“On the afternoon of 20th May, we all went to Hampton School to compete in the Maths Wizard Competition. We took part in five challenging rounds: the first was problem solving, the second was Always, Sometimes, Never, the third was algebra, the fourth was with symbols and the fifth was a number crossword. We came second out of 23 schools!”