Year 4 Tudor Day


On Wednesday 13th November we had Tudor day and had Henry VIII come in to tell us about his life. We learnt lots about him including how to bow in Tudor times. We had a lot of fun!


We made Tudor portraits of ourselves using our own photos. We were inspired by the famous ones we have looked at during our topic. We think we look quite smart in our Tudor outfits!


The Tudor’s used to make sweet treats called Marchpane that were similar to marzipan. These were made into decorative arrangements to have as table decorations. We made our own out of play dough and we made really pretty ones as so did everyone else. We absolutely loved it!


Vegetables tended to be for the poor. The rich ate meat pies, jam tarts, custard, deer and lots of other meat. We made a menu for a Tudor banquet and it was really fun.

Henry VIII came and looked at what we were eating. Then he had a little speech. People had brought in pork pies, jam tarts, apple pies, jam, bread and some homemade things like currant cake and biscuits.