Year 4 News

Last Thursday, Year 4 had a Science Fiction Day. On that day, we wore our own Science Fiction costumes and took part in four different activities. One of the activities we did was creating our own Science Fiction transport. We had to be creative and think about the design, what it could do, how to use it and where it would be used. We could use as many materials as we needed, for example cardboard, plastic bottles or bubble wrap. We could even use pens or coloured paper to make them more colourful. When creating our own vehicle, we either worked in pairs, groups or on our own. “I enjoyed making the transport because I got to create something that I designed.” Aditi (4F). “My favourite thing we did on Sci-Fi day was in Miss Floodgate’s group because we got to make our own vehicles. We don’t normally get to do that every day, we normally have to do English!” Ethan (4F). Another activity that we took part in was creating slime with Mr Walden-Mills. To make it, we used PVA glue, food colouring, contact lens solution, bicarbonate of soda and shaving foam (if you wanted it). At the end, we were allowed to take it out and play with our slime. Afterwards, we could take it home.