Year 4 Holly Lodge Trip

This week Year 4 went on a trip to Holly Lodge in Richmond Park. They did really well walking all of the way there and back and had lots of fun along the way. Here is what they thought:


“My favourite part was when we did log rolling and under the log, we found a live newt!”– Gabriella

“I enjoyed looking for minibeasts because they were very interesting. We even found eggs. I also enjoyed making the habitats for
animals.” – Sophia

“I enjoyed building our own habitats for animals. I built a birds nest in the trees! “– Jamie

“We got to look through magnifying glasses at the interesting habitats for animals including bees and hornets” – Miles


“We did bug hunting. It was very interesting because it was complicated to do.” – Toby

“I enjoyed looking under the logs and in the fields for new invertebrates that I hadn’t seen before” – Jay


“I enjoyed looking at the giant slug on the bark and seeing animals that I haven’t seen before” – Emilia 4R

“I enjoyed the long walk. We saw lots of deer and it was great.” – Eva 4R