World Book Day

Thank you so much for joining in World Book Day with such enthusiasm. We had an amazing range of costumes, from Captain Underpants to a Cat in the Hat to Gangsta Granny! The children looked just fantastic and we had such fun sharing their favourite stories together during our Big Read. We cosied up with our blankets and books and discovered lots of new stories, learning from each other. You can find a new story to share by spending your World Book Day token, valid until 31st March.

This World Book Day, following the theme Share a Story, the classes of Latchmere decorated their doors as some of their favourite book covers. Those pictured above are just a few of the beautiful selection!

Not only did we share stories on World Book Day, each class created their own 8 Line Rhyme too with
the theme of ‘creatures’, both real or imagined. Each class really joined in with so much enthusiasm we
could create our own rhyming dictionary! Above are just a couple of examples.


Polar Bear by Gold Class

Within the darkness of the cramped, cosy den,

A mother and cub are waking again,

With fierce coal-black eyes and velvet white fur,

Curious, but nervous, they begin to emerge.

Camouflaged in the snow, they sniff the cool air,

When the cub starts to play, its mother takes care,

She knows dangers are hidden and lurk everywhere,

But life at the North Pole is meant for this tiny bear.


Help! There’s a Snake in my school

Help! There’s a Snake in my school

It was last seen near the swimming pool

The snake was making shapes

Behind the ship, eating grapes

She was pretending to be a climbing frame

But then out of nowhere, it rained

The children all ran away

This will surely be in the news today!