This week in year 3

In Maths we have been learning about 2-d shapes. We sorted shapes into a Carroll Diagram. Each group had to choose the criteria to sort their shapes.

Neptune table in 3L sorted their shapes and found that their irregular shapes did not have a line of symmetry but their regular shapes did.

In English we have been looking at the Mousehole Cat which is based on the legend of the Cornish fisherman Tom Bawcock. It tells the tale of the cat who goes with its owner on a fishing expedition in stormy seas. The Mousehole Cat has inspired us to explore different perspectives, write atmospheric descriptions.

Our Year 3 boys team took part in a Tag Rugby tournament at Surbiton Prep School last Friday. The boys approached the event full of nervous energy, having never entered this competition before. After seven matches of truly outstanding play, and the occasional missed referee call, our boys finished 2nd out of 16 schools! Zac, Leo, Otto, Arthur, Mattie, Monty and Alex came togeth-er as a team quickly and played with such determination and resolve, it was a wonderful start for our new team. Well done boys, you should be proud!

In RE, Year 3 have been looking at a range of charities. This week we looked at an Islamic charity that works to protect the environment. We created a ‘no-glue’ nature picture in response. Each picture needed to have a message about taking care of the environment.

Ethan’s message said, “Let animals be free.” Edith’s message said, “Don’t chop trees.” After making our pictures we returned the natural objects we used to the playground.