Spring Term in Reception

In Hedgehogs Class, we have been learning about the signs of spring. We have enjoyed painting blossom trees, making rainbows and talking about the weather and how it helps things to grow. We have also chitted and planted our potatoes which should be ready by June for harvesting. We can’t wait to have the chicks next week and we are looking forward to feeding, watering and cleaning them out. It’s going to be so much fun seeing them grow and develop.

Badgers Class have been very excited to have the eggs in their classroom and watch them hatch into chicks. We have been learning lots about chicks and thinking about how we need to look after them.

Ollie says “the chicks hatched on Wednesday and Thursday”. Gabriela says “the girl chicks are brown and the boy chicks are yel-low”. Sebastian says “the chicks are fluffy”. Juanita says “the chicks cheep”. George says “the chicks are small and they like to eat and drink”.


Owls Class had a delivery of ten eggs on Monday. We were so excited to watch the eggs and to see what would happen. On Wednesday3 eggs had hatched and by Thursday all ten had hatched.

In Foxes Class, we have been preparing to look after and care for the chicks. We have been learning facts about the chicks so that we know what to do when we look after them. This week, we have been able to visit the newly-hatched chicks in Badgers and Owls class. It has been lots of fun to write them letters, draw some pictures and make some things to go inside their box. Our favourite part has been watching the chicks fall asleep every few minutes!