Latchmere Goes Global – Year 4

For Latchmere Goes Global, Year 4 learned about countries of Africa. 4F learned about South Africa and the San Rock art of South Africa. They also drew animals of the country and created multi-coloured buildings of Ndebele culture. 4Fr learned about Mauritius looking at the work of artist Vaco Baissac. They made Mauritian Chilli cakes and created giant clay lily pads found on the island. 4WM learned about the music, dance and art of Uganda, learned words in Swahili and created models of the country’s famous Mountain Gorilla’s. 4JM created a magnificent model of the river Nile of Egypt. They also creat ed clay animals, including the Nile crocodile and made Egyptian breads. 4L learned about the Democratic Republic of Congo, mapping the country by coordinates, making Top Trumps to learn about wildlife and creating a model of Mount Nyiragongo.