Fruit Mocktails

Last week, Ruby Class really enjoyed making fruit cock-tails. First, we cut the fruit into small and mini slices and put them into a cup. After that, we put some scrumptious apple juice into the cup with the chopped up fruit. Next, we drank the apple juice and when we had finished it, we ate the delicious fruit. Ruby Class loved making fruit cocktails and we (Junior, Laurie and Charlie) wish we could do it every art lesson.

In Gold Class last week, we also made fruit mocktails and we had to chop up all our favourite fruits. Molly put in pineapples and strawberries, Grace put in nectarines, strawberries, melon and grapes. After Mrs Aihevba came around with apple juice. Next we drank our apple juice then we ate our fruit. It was yummy!