Year One Visit to Ladyland Farm

Last week, Year 1 travelled to Horley to visit Ladyland Farm. Blue and Turquoise went on the Wednesday, whilst Indigo and Purple went on the Thursday. We were very fortunate to have some lovely weather!

During the trip, the children fed the chickens, calves and goats and handled chicks, ducklings, kids (baby goats) and rabbits. We were also lucky enough to have a bumpy ride on the tractor! Everyone had a fantastic time and we all learnt some new facts to share with our families such as:

  • It takes roughly 28 days for a duckling to hatch.
  • There are six different types of owl in the UK- a tawny, a long-eared, a short-eared, a barn, a snowy and a little owl.
  • A baby rabbit is called a kitten.

Prior to our visit, each class came up with some questions for their farmer to answer and also wrote a recount of their trip.

Thank you to all the parents that gave up their time to assist with the trip. We cannot wait until our visit next month!