Year 3 News

This week in Year 3 has been very exciting for everyone;, including science experiments plus a visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace. During our science lessons, we carried out experiments and discussed different materials when making paper aeroplanes and looked for trajectory and the best materials to use. In addition to this, we made some lava lamps by adding oil, water, food colouring and an effervescent. These produced the most curious and amusing effects.

During our trip to Fishbourne Palace, we were fortunate enough to learn what it was like for children at Roman schools. We all agreed we prefer life at Latchmere! We also had a chance to visit the famous mosaics that were all breath-taking along with seeing all the historical artefacts that had been excavated in the local area.


Comments from the children included, “This is the most intriguing day of my life” and “I didn’t think history could be so interesting!”