Year 2 Storytelling

This week, Year 2 have been re-telling the story of the Snow Queen. We have been working hard to include exciting word choices, interesting openers and a clear sentence structure. Have a look at some of our amazing story starters below…


Once in a far away land, lived two cheerful sisters, Milly and Molly. As Milly enthusiastically threw open the window, she smiled as she saw the beautiful blanket of diamondwhite, fluffy snow outside. As the sisters dashed out of the house, they looked around in wonder at the incredible scenery that surrounded them. While the two played, they danced around giggling and laughing. They were happier than a child who had got everything they asked for on their Christmas list.

By Emelia Fox

A long, long time ago on a crispy, white, snowy morning there lived a happy girl called Mia. Just then she hopped out of her rose-pink comfy bed and slipped open her ocean-blue curtains. She gasped as she saw the crystal-white blanket that covered the ground below. After that she went downstairs to meet her friend Ben, they were the best of friends. How they loved each other!

By Emily Blackburn