Year 1 News

Blue Class

We have been practicing our writing and phonics this week. We had to write the word and add the sound buttons so we could read it. It also helps us practice our handwriting! We put a line underneath when its a digraph (two letters make one sound) and a dot when it’s a phoneme (one letter makes one sound).

Turquoise Class

In Turquoise Class this week, we have been thinking about materials. We learnt that materials are what everything is made from! Freddie told us he thought materials were “what roofs were made of, like tiles” and Spencer shared that materials are “things we wear”. We sorted lots of different objects by their material: wood, metal, plastic, glass, fabric and paper. We sorted objects by their properties: bendy, not bendy, soft, hard, stretchy, stiff, shiny and dull. Alessandro told us, “metal things are gold and silver.”

Indigo Class

In English, we have been doing some role play linked to our story – Toys in Space. We had to think about the characters feelings and act out scenes from the story. The children really enjoyed pretending to be the different characters from the book.