Year 1 Knights and Princesses Days

On Wednesday, it was Knights and Princesses Day in Year 1. All of the children came into school in their fantastic costumes to experience a fun filled day!

Each class completed a workshop run by Don Rae, where the children had to practise a dance sequence to a particular song. They also had to act out scenes from fairy tales and join in with a number of exciting games. Whilst some classes were in workshops, others constructed castles in groups, using junk modelling to create their masterpieces! Once finished, each group had a spokesperson to explain their design and features to the rest of the class. Other activities included role play, puppets and creating their own fairy tale characters.

At the end of the day, all four classes came together in the ballroom to act out their class song which they had practised earlier in the day. Everyone had a brilliant day!

“My favourite part was performing the dance show to the rest of the classes!” (Elfa, Blue Class)

“I enjoyed dressing up for the day!” (Lottie, Blue Class)

“I liked seeing Mrs Charalambous dressed as a unicorn!” (Purple Class)

“I enjoyed being chased around by a dragon.” (Purple Class)

“’I liked dancing around in my princess dress.” (Purple Class)

“I enjoyed building castles using paper mache” (Alexa, Indigo Class)

“I enjoyed stealing the crown from the guard” (Haotian, Indigo Class)