Millfield Farm visits Rainbow Nursery

On Wednesday, Millfield Farm came to visit us in Rainbow Nursery. They brought so many animals for us to see. We got to brush some donkeys, goats and even two pigs called Peppa and George. Three lambs, who were only five weeks old, came along to visit us and we were able to help feed them some milk from bottles. They were very hungry and drank their milk so quickly. We enjoyed stroking the rabbits and guinea pigs and watching the ducks cooling off in their water bowl. There were even two turkeys called Jack and Dee who came to visit us. We had a lovely sunny day so were careful to drink plenty of water and keep in the shade when the sun got too hot, just like the animals. Some of us had a go at milking the wooden cow. We were all really good at listening to the instructions from Farmer Tom and the teachers to keep us safe with the animals. We had lots of fun and such an exciting time.