4F Camping

Last weekend, 20 families from 4F went on a camping trip to raise money for the school swimming pool. We all played in the woods and around the campsite then all the children did a tug of war (girls won obviously!) and then the dads had a go too!

In the evening we held 4F’s Got Talent, and there were some amazing acts. Benjy completed the Rubiks cube, Maddie, Lauren, Lily and Emily danced to Greatest Showman, Amy performed some brilliant gymnastics and Ethan’s brother Joseph (Blue class) did some great singing . Afterwards we had a campfire and toasted marshmallows (we ate rather a lot!).

It was brilliant, and we all hope we can do it again sometime. We raised £255 (Note: one parent’s company matched donations so with Gift Aid it will be nearer £600!) We hope to buy some new flags, new toys and maybe a new changing bench for the school pool.