This week in Year 4

Hampton Court

Over the past two weeks, Year 4 have had the chance to go to Hampton Court to learn more about the Tudors. We were able to find out more facts about Henry VIII, such as he had over 800 people working for him and that his crown had 344 jewels on it. One of our activities was presented by a laundry woman from the Tudor times, who explained what life was like as a servant in the Palace and the different jobs you could have if you worked for the King. Some of the jobs included washing the King’s clothes or working in the kitchen, cooking meat over an open fire. We also completed a secret mission on ipads where we had to search the Palace to complete different tasks. We had a great time and now know a lot about the Tudors.

By 4F

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PE Battle of Bosworth dance

This half term in PE, we have been enjoying re-enacting the Battle of Bosworth through dance. We have been working in groups of 4, 5 or 6 to create our visions of the battle. We pretended to use swords, arrows and horses and used many facial expressions. Each group produced a brilliant battle for the whole class. This week we did the final dance presentation and at the end of the session had a fabulous time doing a huge battle scene, 17 against 13 people.

By Zinnia, James, Issy and Charlotte, 4JM

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Minibeast Hotels

This term we have been looking at Invertebrates and Living Things as part of our science topic. Over the past couple of weeks, Year 4 have been building their own mini-beast hotels. We brought in the materials from home and spent a lot of time making them! We learnt they had to be damp and dark so lots of mini-beasts would want to come and live in them. We came up with loads of inventive and creative ideas. In the end they all looked really outstanding!

By Lexi, Annabelle & Myla (4M)