This week in year 2

This week in Year 2, we have been reading the story ‘Katie in London’ and imagining what it might be like if we had the chance to visit all of the amazing landmarks in London.

Here are some of our descriptions of Buckingham Palaceā€¦

‘I can see soldiers marching along the shiny road and noisy crowds cheering and waving the British flag. The palace gates are gleaming in the beautifully burning midday sun.’

Amber Dobson – Sapphire Class

‘First I can see the sapphire, ruby and white British flag swaying in the rustling wind of Autumn. Next I could see the guards grabbing golden and noisy instruments.’

Juan Ranaramesh – Sapphire Class

‘The first thing that caught my eye was the golden little lamp posts. Next I saw a king and generous Police man helping everyone to do what they want. Afterwards I saw the smart, but noisy soldiers marching with bearskins on their heads for hats.’

Zac Read – Sapphire Class