This week in Year 1

This week in Year 1, we have been learning all about our senses. Each day we have been learning about a different sense. It has been a very fun and messy week!

As part of finding out about the sense of touch, we have been feeling different textures and using adjectives that best describe that object. We have also been on a sound walk around the school to discover what noises we can hear. Finally, we have been using our detective skills to work out what food or object is in a pot just by its smell.

Here are some quotes from the children on their learning this week:

‘I really enjoyed the sense of touch as we got to feel jelly, shaving foam, cornflour and cotton wool. The shaving foam was my favourite as it was silky and soft!‘ (Olivia, Blue Class)

‘My favourite part of the week k was the sound walk as we heard lots of different sounds around the school!’ (Benji, Blue Class)

As part of our work on looking at senses this week, we created our own telescopes to look at the world around us.

Purple Class have been conducting an experiment – looking at the impact of germs on bread. Miss Baker washed her hands and put some bread in a bag. All the children touched another piece of bread (with only five of them admitting to washing their hands since they had been at school). This has been really exciting for them and they have been checking the bread daily.